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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Selected Explanations: Sumaria & Judea

The editor, publisher, author of this blog is really more concerned with facts on the ground then any sort of theoretical approach from a purely legalistic point of view regarding populations living in Samaria and Judea, which are also known as the West Bank, throughout much of the literature.

Readers who are seeking to understand why these areas are so important are encouraged to look up these items elsewhere. The author who is interested in the details mainly to asses whatever is the real story behind these areas which are likely to always be hotly contested due to what they represent to both (or all) sides of whatever this endless conflict is truly all about.

It is the author's fundamental belief that matter of context (or the gestalt) of the entire area in question is more about what the Nation of Israel itself represents to the world and especially to the Jewish people. It often gets so easy to get caught up in the fine details of a given issue as to the exact application of such matters such as UN resolutions and mandates.

Sometimes, as is often the case in various countries including the US, that matter of Homeland Security may trump all sorts of laws and regulations. Additionally the world is changing and changing very rapidly, However the sophistication, and perhaps even attention span, or patience of the typical media consumer has changed.

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