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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Giv'at Ze'ev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Giv'at Ze'ev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "iv'at Ze'ev is located on the 'Israel' side of the security fence. The town is patrolled by Mishmeret Ha'gvul and a local security force, and is secured by a security fence. Plans are underway to set a guard post near the entrance to route 443 (currently, the road is closed off by a security fence).
Giv'at Ze'ev is one of five settlement 'blocs' that '[m]ost Israelis believe [] should become part of Israel when final borders are drawn'[4] and 'both Prime Minister Sharon in 2005 and Prime Minister Benjamin Neyantahu in 2010 have repeatedly said the large settlement blocs will “remain in our hands.”'[5]

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