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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rabbi Rachamim Pauli Drasha

Rabbi Rachamim Pauli Drasha: ") The rocket that landed in the middle of prayers in the Ashdod Synagogue did not explode but the chunks of glass and cement injured two people seriously and four others moderately to lightly.
3) Mr. Shitret was on the way home in Beer Sheva with his wife and daughter when the sirens sounded. They hid by a wall but a car that blew up sent shrapnel into their bodies. He and his wife were defined as seriously injured but his daughter was so critically wounded that she was defined as gravely wounded. Her chances of survival were pretty thin. She woke up on Wednesday saying that she was thirsty and in pain her name appears above for prayers."

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | It might not work if we try? Yet if we do not try, we will surely fail. | It might not work if we try? Yet if we do not try, we will surely fail.: "Iran promised Lebanon the Golan (which belongs to Israel) in order to gain a foothold, from which it can further terrorize the nations of Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. The objective, none other than world domination. It looks like a well played game of risk, if you happen to be Iran.

Naturally this evil regime must be stopped before in continues to advance.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What does Litvish mean to you?

What does Litvish mean to you?: long list of people she doesn’t want in her community.

No BT’s, no YU types, etc…it actually breaks my heart to hear people seriously talk like that – because when all is said and done, putting my sarcasm and humor aside – every community and sect no matter how frum or not frum, has interesting and fun people. So when I mentioned that I knew cool people who live in Lakewood – she said it’s too Litvish and demanded the names and surnames of those people as proof

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revenge: 2 Top terrorists killed - Israel News, Ynetnews

Revenge: 2 Top terrorists killed - Israel News, Ynetnews: Khaled Fouda also rejected claims suggesting the terror attack shooting originated on the Egyptian side of the border. "There is no connection between Egypt or Sinai to the attack in Israel," he said.
The mayor of the eastern Sinai town Nuweiba, Al-Arabi al-Husseini, also denied the occurrence of any shooting in his region or near the border, and said that the situation there is stable and calm.

Revenge: 2 Top terrorists killed - Israel News, Ynetnews

Revenge: 2 Top terrorists killed - Israel News, Ynetnews: The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, announced that it will retaliate against any Israeli offensive on the Gaza strip.
A spokesman for the brigades, Abu Obeida, said: "Any Israeli military operation against the Gaza Strip will be considered an act of aggression. We will respond to any such aggression with all our might."
Earlier Palestinian sources reported that Hamas' interior minister ordered the the security forces headquarters in Gaza to be immediately evacuated for fear of IDF retaliation.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Humanitarian Crisis of the Gaza Mall

Humanitarian Crisis: Gaza Exporting Aid! - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News

Humanitarian Crisis: Gaza Exporting Aid! - Defense/Security - News - Israel National News: "alled 'From Gaza hand in hand to save the children of Somalia', will last throughout Ramadan. 
The Union took out advertisements supporting the campaign in local radios and websites to encourage people to contribute to the campaign. It is planning advertisements on local television also.

Various people responded to the campaign, but most donations came from the local non-governmental organisations and some wealthy businessmen, according to the organizers of the campaign."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mideast Dispatch Archive: UK paper fires anti-Israel writer for supporting London riots (& Libya deaths underreported)

Mideast Dispatch Archive: UK paper fires anti-Israel writer for supporting London riots (& Libya deaths underreported): "But The Independent didn’t object to the same writer two weeks ago blaming the Norwegian massacre on “Zionism”

* London University event planned: “Riots, Recession, Resistance”

* 85 Libyan civilians, including 33 children and 32 women, “killed in botched NATO air raid”; Rupert Murdoch-owned media report properly on the victims; leftist media don’t"

This Ongoing War: A Blog: 15-Aug-11: Even longer range rockets attacking southern Israel tonight

This Ongoing War: A Blog: 15-Aug-11: Even longer range rockets attacking southern Israel tonight: "Ynet says the incoming rocket, fired as so many before it from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, exploded in an open area outside Beersheba, located deep in Israel's Negev Desert some 40 km from the border with Gaza. Protestors in Beersheba's social protest tent site were forced to run to shelter as the sirens sounded. Beersheba's mayor says he will be asking the Defense Ministry to redeploy an Iron Dome anti-missile battery in the city.  "

Galilee Guide

Galilee Guide: "The green hills and lakes of the Galilee
The Galilee has played host to visitors from the earliest times, ever since the first caravan discovered that the route through Galilee was profitable and easily traveled. These early wandering merchants with their heavily laden camels criss-crossed the country, bearing goods from Damascus and Jerusalem to the cities beyond.

Armies came in the wake of the traders, securing the roads for safe passage of their subjects to ensure continued trade and dominance of these important caravan routes.
Communities grew, based on farming and fishing. These factors also guaranteed uninterrupted settlement, in spite of nearly continuous warfare, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In the wake of the growing population, spiritual leaders flocked to Galilee making it an important spiritual center with far-reaching impact on believers of many faiths throughout the world."

Galilee Guide

Galilee Guide: "There are varied rural settlements along the way which are all worth visiting, not only for the local restaurants and accommodation, but also for browsing amongst the local stores.

There is the Druse village of Ein El Assad, Kibbutz Farod, Moshav Shefer and the vegetarian village of Amirim, each with its own distinct character. Worth a visit is Hemdat Yamim, high in the hills above Shefer, with regular concerts of classical music and other performances. Just past the entrance to Farod which offers country lodging, there is a pleasant JNF picnic site with forest walks and a small stream in the springtime. This road leads on to Meron, a major focal point for lovers of nature and religious visitors alike."

Galilee Guide

Galilee Guide: "pper Galilee from the south on road 65, turn left at the Kadarim junction. After a few kilometres, you will see Ein Camonim which is signposted on the right. This is a goat farm shop and restaurant serving goat's milk cheeses and yogurts made at the farm where there is also an olive oil press.
Continuing west along road 85, you will see the first of many signs indicating the burial places of Jewish sages from ancient times, the Amoraim and the Tanaim, which are often visited by religious Jews."


FAQs: "To”shba -Short for Torah Sh’beal Peh-Oral law
Tzofim Datyim-Religious scouts
Ulpan -Hebrew language learning program
Ulpana -Girls high school program
Yerucham -Name of development town in Israel.
Yeshiva -An educational institution dedicated to torah study.
How does one sign up for ganim (Trom and Chova)?
You need to go to the moetza in your area and register in the machleket chinuch. If you have done this before you will receive a post card in the mail with details of  the dates for registration and the name and location of your child's gan."


FAQs: "ervice
Midinat Yisrael -The national/religious aspect of the Land of Israel.
Midreshet Harova -Name of a post high school program in Israel
Migama -Subject a student chooses to major in their grade 11 for the Bagrut exams
Miktzoa -Subject of studies
Nusach - Traditional language style used for prayer.
Rosh Chodesh -Holiday celebrating the new month according to the Jewish calendar.
Sephardic -Jewish ethnic group originating from North African and Middle Eastern countries.
She’at Chinuch -Time a class spends homeroom teacher (1 or 2 hour per week)
Talmid min haminyan -Phrase used to describe the act of belonging to a group
Talmidot Chachamot -Highest academic and moral level a girl can reach.
Tipat Chalav -Government sponsored healthcare for newborns during the first couple of years."


FAQs: "Kitah Shiluv -mainstreamed special education class
Maarechet -schedule
Maavar - A special class for students with academic weaknesses
Mamlachti Dati Iyuni - Academic religious school
Mamlachti Dati Nisyui -Experimental or experiential religious school
Mamlachti Dati-Government sponsored religious school system
Mamlachti Dati Torani - Religious school with an increased number of hours dedicated to religious studies
Maslul -Academic track
Mechanechet -Home room teacher
Mechina - Learning program that proceeds and prepares young adults for army service"


FAQs: "Charedi Leumi (Chardal) - Part chareidi and part dati leumi
Chidonim - Oral evaluation on material
Hadrachot (Hadracha) - Leadership training
Chonech -Teachers chosen by students to be their advocates
Derech Eretz - Secular studies
Eidot (Eidah) -Ethnic sector
Eretz Yisrael -The Land of Israel
Hakalot - Leniencies that a student may be eligible for Bagrut exams
Hamorah -Formal way students address their female teachers
Hashkafa -Religious/philosophical worldview
Hesder-Type of high school that joins learning Torah and army service.
Kippah Zrukah -Phenominum used to describe adolescents who become not religious and hang out in the center of town
Kitah or Horaah Mekademet -Resource room class"


FAQs: "Aliya - Immigration to Israel
Ashkenazic - Jewish ethnic group originating from the western and eastern European countries.
Bagrut (bagruyot) - Official country wide examinations given at high school level that can be completed afterward.
Ben adam l’chavero - Values shared between people
Bnei Akiva - Name of one leadership training program and religious youth movement
Brachot - Blessings
Charedi Leumi (Chardal) - Part chareidi and part dati leumi"

Galilee Hotels and Accommodation |

Galilee Hotels and Accommodation | "rain in the Galilee region is rock-strewn. There are a number of mountains, some of which are well known such as Mount Tabor and Mount Meron. The lower temperatures and high annual precipitation make the area abundant in flora and fauna with rivers and cascading waterfalls as well as green meadows full of wildflowers. The Galilee is located on the migratory route for birds and serves as a resting place for many species during the winter months. At least 70,000 white pelican choose the Galilee for rest on their journey to the Sudan"

Galilee Hotels and Accommodation |

Galilee Hotels and Accommodation | "Mount Hermon, the southern foothills of the Carmel and Gilboa – the Jordan Valley, the Jezreel Valley and Acco and to the Mediterranean Sea. It is divided into various regions: the Western Galilee (from Haifa to Rosh Hanikra located on the border between Israel and Lebanon); the Lower Galilee (from Mount Carmel and the Gilboa to Beit Hakerem Valley); to the east the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee"

Hatzor HaGlilit

Hatzor HaGlilit: "Local councils of Israel

Alfei Menashe
Beer Yaakov
Beit Aryeh-Ofarim
Beit Dagan
Beit El
Binyamina-Givat Ada
Bnei Ayish
Even Yehuda
Gan Yavne
Ganei Tikva
Givat Zeev
Har Adar
Hatzor HaGlilit
Karnei Shomron
Kiryat Arba
Kiryat Ekron
Kiryat Tiv'on

Kiryat Yearim
Kfar Shmaryahu
Kfar Tavor
Kfar Vradim
Kfar Yona
Kokhav Yair
Maale Efrayim
Mazkeret Batya
Mevaseret Zion
Mitzpe Ramon
Pardes Hanna-Karkur
Ramat Yishai
Rosh Pinna
Tel Mond
Yesud HaMaala
Zikhron Yaakov"