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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ma'ale Adumim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ma'ale Adumim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Land ownership

Peace Now, an Israeli NGO, initially claimed that 86.4% of Ma'ale Adumim was privately owned Palestinian land, basing the figure on data leaked from a government report.[12][13]

After Peace Now petitioned the Israeli courts to have the official data released, the group revised the figure to 0.5%.[13] Palestinians claim lands from the villages of Abu Dis, Al Izriyyeh, Al Issawiyyeh, Al Tur and Anata were expropriated for building in Ma'aleh Adumim.[14] Under Islamic land law, the land in question was categorized as arazi mewat, or 'dead lands.'"

Editors Note: There is absolutely no doubt that the information which exists on such matters, exists in great abundance. Additionally incomplete, or manipulated data must also play a huge part in these matters.

Conclusion For Today:
Statistics don't lie, people do.
Aharon Moshe Sanders, July, 28 2011- 1:55pm

The American mindset requires simplicity. The thing that is appreciated perhaps more so in this country than in others. Is a predisposition to favoring a particular side of given cause, issue or debate. The US political system itself for simplicity and convience's sake gets reduced to two major perspectives that are at odds with each other on most issues.

Adherents to a given cause are not very likely to change their belief system. Therefore media will often simply play up to the predictable effects that the selective reporting on particular issues that these issues will have on their target audience. Filtering through piles of data for truth becomes a nearly impossible task.

Therefore it will often occur in this country that people often end up believing the lies, and disregarding the truth. Often the facts behind the lies are based on some small aspect or insignificant technicality regarding an extremely narrow overly literal interpretation of law.

The effect of statistics for example is very often utilized to persuade those who are believers in facts and figures. However more sophisticated and educated citizens understand that while statistics per se, "do not lie", it is the selective usage of such stats that allows media manipulators to draw an incorrect conclusion.

Statistics don't lie, people do.

 Aharon Moshe Sanders, July, 28 2011- 1:55pm 

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