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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Occupied territory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Occupied territory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Regarding the West Bank, Gaza Strip (whose land and sea access is blockaded by Israel and Egypt) and Israel proper, the use of this expression is often controversial and hotly disputed due to the fact that both territories were not under the recognized permanent sovereignty of any other country and are not claimed by any other existing sovereign state.
Additionally, occupation has two distinct meanings:
The state of being lived in (as in: 'Isle of Man is occupied by the Manx', or this house is occupied by the Smith family);[citation needed]
The state of military control following conquest by war but prior to annexation.
Although (1) and (2) are obviously distinct, they are sometimes intermingled.[citation needed] Under (1), the territory in question is under normal civilian law; under (2) the territory is usually under military law within the terms of the Laws of war, such as the Fourth Geneva Convention (according to the UN)."

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