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Monday, August 15, 2011

Galilee Guide

Galilee Guide: "The green hills and lakes of the Galilee
The Galilee has played host to visitors from the earliest times, ever since the first caravan discovered that the route through Galilee was profitable and easily traveled. These early wandering merchants with their heavily laden camels criss-crossed the country, bearing goods from Damascus and Jerusalem to the cities beyond.

Armies came in the wake of the traders, securing the roads for safe passage of their subjects to ensure continued trade and dominance of these important caravan routes.
Communities grew, based on farming and fishing. These factors also guaranteed uninterrupted settlement, in spite of nearly continuous warfare, earthquakes and other natural disasters. In the wake of the growing population, spiritual leaders flocked to Galilee making it an important spiritual center with far-reaching impact on believers of many faiths throughout the world."

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