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Monday, August 15, 2011


FAQs: "Charedi Leumi (Chardal) - Part chareidi and part dati leumi
Chidonim - Oral evaluation on material
Hadrachot (Hadracha) - Leadership training
Chonech -Teachers chosen by students to be their advocates
Derech Eretz - Secular studies
Eidot (Eidah) -Ethnic sector
Eretz Yisrael -The Land of Israel
Hakalot - Leniencies that a student may be eligible for Bagrut exams
Hamorah -Formal way students address their female teachers
Hashkafa -Religious/philosophical worldview
Hesder-Type of high school that joins learning Torah and army service.
Kippah Zrukah -Phenominum used to describe adolescents who become not religious and hang out in the center of town
Kitah or Horaah Mekademet -Resource room class"

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