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Monday, August 15, 2011


FAQs: "ervice
Midinat Yisrael -The national/religious aspect of the Land of Israel.
Midreshet Harova -Name of a post high school program in Israel
Migama -Subject a student chooses to major in their grade 11 for the Bagrut exams
Miktzoa -Subject of studies
Nusach - Traditional language style used for prayer.
Rosh Chodesh -Holiday celebrating the new month according to the Jewish calendar.
Sephardic -Jewish ethnic group originating from North African and Middle Eastern countries.
She’at Chinuch -Time a class spends homeroom teacher (1 or 2 hour per week)
Talmid min haminyan -Phrase used to describe the act of belonging to a group
Talmidot Chachamot -Highest academic and moral level a girl can reach.
Tipat Chalav -Government sponsored healthcare for newborns during the first couple of years."

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