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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did Adelson engineer Obama-Netanyahu crisis? - Globes

Did Adelson engineer Obama-Netanyahu crisis? - Globes: "Let us get back to Romney. A remark or hint by Netanyahu that Obama is bad for Israel is worth something to Romney… maybe the presidency. Repeated hints that Obama will do nothing about Iran, or that "Hillary Clinton is expediting the centrifuges" - their value to Romney in gold cannot be estimated. A serious crisis with the Americans and confrontations with their officials sends a message: Obama is bad - and not just for the Jews. For humanity. For the universe. He is a dangerous man. He is firing up the centrifuges. He is bringing closer a nuclear Holocaust on Israel, and maybe on America, too.
The conclusion: Vote for Romney, just like Adelson wants.
Questions: Does "Adelson Today" want Netanyahu to help Adelson with Romney, and what will happen if Netanyahu should he want to refuse? Can he permit himself to refuse?"

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Obama has probably done more for the Republican party than any single democrat in office until this day. It is painfully obvious that Obama cannot be trusted with the largest global issue today, the true threat of a nuclear Iran. A nuclear capable Iran is a danger to the entire planet. Any individual who does not see this, either has their eyes closed, or is some sort of religious fanatic who's sympathies lie with the militant Jihadists.

Aharon Moshe Sanders- September 19, 2012 3:05pm

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  1. Perhaps the most poorly understood doctrine is the one about peace through strength. The unforgettable "anti-war" movement on college campuses throughout the US, is not a useful paradigm to embrace regarding the current nuclear crisis in Iran.

    The US is not unfamiliar with legitimate military strategies in the mid-east. The central issue is always obfuscated with all sorts of "man in the street" dogma, ranging from raging anti-semitism, to concerns regarding the price of gas. The truth is the crisis in Iran is of a global nature and the US is a central player in this crisis.

    The crisis is also one of diplomacy, and an apparent lack of urgency on the part of all the nations which currently might have the power to stop this global threat.