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Friday, September 2, 2011 » Blog Archive » Our Flawed Understanding of Parsha Chukas » Blog Archive » Our Flawed Understanding of Parsha Chukas: "The prophetic vision of our all kind and loving G-d exercises both his element of Judgement and loving kindness to his chosen people, the Jewish nation. We are clearly given principles regarding how when negotiations fail we may turn and not fight, however we will not tolerate a nation which takes captives from us. We prayed to Hashem and the enemy who’s name we were not certain of in the Parsha, was given into our hand by Hashem.
When peaceful relations are sought as in the Parsha when we simply were interested in taking a short cut through foreign territory to get to where we wanted to go, even when met with an armed resistance bearing arms, we did not initiate war because we were not being attacked"

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